“These projects have always improved the neighborhood, the quality of life of the people who live there, they are beautifully designed and you also have many safety features. Mr. Pulsifer has a track record that we can really be proud of, and I think it’s great you’re doing another project in the city of Springfield because that means we are going to have another success.”
Councilor Kateri Walsh

This project “will do wonders for the community.”
Councilor Bud L. Williams

“It’s incredible what you have done.”
Lamont Clemons
McKnight Neighborhood Council

“I remember walking Federal and Worthington Street where Gordon had started the work. This says it all – areas that were untouched compared to areas where First Resources had done over…It was night and day!
It’s not only the construction but the history and getting the community involved as part of the solution. Gordon gets it.”
Domenic Sarno
Mayor, City of Springfield

“Hello Gordon.

Matt Judge here. I wanted to drop you a line to say how much I admire the success you have built during an economy that caused so many to fail and also to thank you for continuing to help people in numbers that have grown exponentially since our early days in Plymouth some 25 years ago.

I had an opportunity to see the difference you and your team have made in Springfield and I can’t tell you how much I wish you continued success.

My wife Robin and I were talking about how far you have grown your company, how much impact it has had, how much every employee that I have met loves being a part of it and how they look up to you and your wife. It caused us a cascade of memories of people and situations past that made us realize even more than we already knew, how much 1 person can make a difference. A few laughs and a few head shakes later we see again that It takes special people to face a mountain of work and take on the challenges to create what you have.

Anyway, I felt it important to me to thank you for helping us all do God’s work. The hard stuff that’s not about religion. The stuff that is often hard to do for the people that make it the hardest to do it. Not just for those easy people we like to help.

I guess that we have seen both sides of our business in as much time as we have invested. I want you to know how much I admire and appreciate what you have accomplished and that I have not seen much that rivals the impact you have made.

Robin and I are proud to know you and wish you all good things moving forward. Best of luck and thanks again.”
Matt Judge
Inspector Manager, Bureau of Rental Assistance
Department of Community and Housing Development (DHCD)

Worthington Commons
“I’m delighted that this is happening, management remains the key.”
Richard Neal
U.S. Congressman 2nd District

City View Commons I
“I was truly amazed to see the work, dedication and commitment that went into making this project a reality.”
Jim Welch
State Senator, 6th District

City View Commons II
“To me this project address two critical needs, one is the quality of life, second is getting properties into responsible hands. Owners and managers like Gordon who have a long term stake in Springfield.”
Carl Zieglar
Executive Director, Massachusetts Housing Partnership

“Dear Mr. Pulsifer,
I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of your properties this week and felt compelled to inform you of my great satisfaction.

For starters, the projects in question continue to maintain a high level of curb appeal. Things look good. Maintenance of the hallways and areas where your staff have ready access do not suffer from a lack of cleaning or neglect. Emergency lights failed in several instances, but this is not uncommon in my experience. The swift response to the condition was appreciated.

The exteriors also showed how much the staff on hand works at keeping these projects standing out in a positive way. One of my coworkers made the observation that one could almost tell which properties were Gordon Pulsifer projects by the completeness of the renovation and distinct appearance.
This is a combination of excellent design, execution and maintenance. This wouldn’t be possible without forethought and a staff of professionals that take pride in their work. This holds true not only in the physical conditions of the property but also in the documentation of tenant eligibility.

We work very hard to ensure the residents of Section 42 housing are provided with safe, clean, affordable housing. It is clear to me your team does the very same.”
Edward Clark
Director of Monitoring in Massachusetts
Spectrum Enterprises, Inc.