First Resource Construction Company

FRC Construction Company LLC, a division of First Resource Companies, is a construction management firm specializing in the rehab and construction of multifamily housing. By serving as an in-house general contractor, FRC enables First Resource Companies to have greater control over the construction process, resulting in improved accountability and more control throughout the course of each project.

FRC ensures that each and every community is built with standards that exceed the expectation, providing residents with a living environment that is thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed, and founded on respect for those that will live within it.

Maintaining our own construction company also allows us to minimize overhead and perform contracting functions more efficiently and economically. In addition, FRC is committed to building energy efficient and sustainable housing that reduces both current and future operating costs and that benefits the environment.

At FRC, we understand that construction can do more than build places to live. It can bring a community to life.