First Resource Management Company

First Resource Management Company LLC, a division of First Resource Companies, is a full-service property management company servicing communities exclusively in Massachusetts.

Our company is engaged – in every way – in the ownership and management of its multifamily residential apartment communities. We focus on providing and maintaining high standards in quality housing. With our strong commitment to ongoing management, we are able to realize residential improvements, transform neighborhoods, and create new beginnings for communities.

At First Resource Management Company, our team has the experience needed to keep up with the changing requirements of the affordable housing industry and to successfully oversee the management of apartment communities. We’re committed to providing the utmost respect to our residents and maintaining the high quality of the homes in which they reside. Because our staff is on site daily, resident needs are responded to quickly and efficiently.

First Resource Management Company provides comprehensive supportive services to each apartment community based on the unique priorities and needs of residents. Offered programs include after-school tutoring, language skills classes, and health and wellness.

Hands-on management. Day-to-day commitment. Ongoing involvement. These are the mainstays of First Resource Management Company, and they are what separates us from all others in the affordable housing industry.