First Resource Development Company

First Resource Development Company LLC, a division of First Resource Companies, is a real estate firm specializing in the development and construction of multifamily and elderly housing. The company utilizes federal and state affordable housing programs that encourage private investment. With the sale of tax credits to investors and by combining other local sources such as HOME and Affordable Housing Trust Funds they are able to fund each project. The management team coordinates the project design and works closely with architects, engineers, and contractors, as well as leaders within the community where each residence will be located.

By coordinating with city planners, neighborhood associations, and the community, they achieve effective design plans that produce desirable, quality, affordable, and safe homes for underserved families and elderly residents.

With every project First Resource Development Company is mindful of neighborhood history; we are committed to building on the positives that each unique history conveys to a community. We also look to the future, serving as a catalyst for improvement and change.

Strengthening a community is about more than just putting up a new building; it’s often about rebuilding trust and opportunity, confidence and hope. In this way, communities once overlooked become places where potential is readily seen.